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We EMPOWER busy professional women to CREATE BALANCE in their daily lives, stay heal, and ENJOY LIFE to the fullest!

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What We Do

Workshops and Personal Health Guidance

Listen to weekly webcasts on "The 10 Insights of Health" which always include a short guided meditation.


Start your own journey to health with Kristine!. She will work with you side by side to bring you back to vibrant health!

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Joyful, Healthy, Balanced Living Program

 For all our busy professional women who want to create balance into their daily lives, stay healthy, and enjoy life to the fullest but don’t know where to begin  

here’s the program for you!!

Get your life back!

Have more energy to do what you love to do!


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Comprehensive Specialized Testing

Salivary adrenal testing for causes of fatigue, weight gain, and sleeplessness.

Neurotransmitter testing to monitor stress, mood, and sleep behaviors.

Stool analysis to analyze the microbiome of the digestive tract ad possible autoimmune triggers.

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