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About Us

Kristine Alexandria Reyes, BS, CNC

An internationally acclaimed Foundational Nutritionist with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare field. Her passion is about giving her patients the tools to achieve a high quality of life. Her areas of knowledge include homeopathic remedies, herbs and supplements, essential oils, meditation, diagnostic testing, exercise physiology and stress management.

Seeing nutrition as a bridge between body and spirit, she views each of her clients as a whole person, working to help them understand that connection. In keeping with that philosophy, Kristine uses her intuition, which has been enhanced through her Creative Life Sciences training, to suggest additional types of assistance; such as deep breathing, meditation, and energy balancing work.

Kristine has worked with people and given talks throughout the United States, Canada, Singapore and Taiwan. She is NEI certified, trained in the testing and treatment of neurological, endocrine and immune dysfunctions such as mood disorders, adrenal fatigue, sleep issues and auto-immune conditions, extensive work with food intolerance, bacterial/parasites infections, TPN and gastronomy tubes.


Mary G.

"Kristine radiates positive energy and encourages all to live their life dreams and seek their own path to personal success. She is a remarkable and uplifting spirit who has supported me through my life journey."

Krystal J.

"Me and my kids have been seeing Kristine for nutrition for years and would recommend her to everyone! Shes great not just with adults, but has a beautiful approach with children as well. We as a family are much healthier and collectively lost alot of weight along with just being educated about better habits. Thank you!"

Brianna G.

"Over the years I have had bad experiences with pharmaceutical medication and other doctors. Kristine's approach to nutrition and overall health has allowed me to live a fuller life with less pain."


"Kristines meditation class has really helped me to see life in a new light...a brighter light!"


"I think in life clarity is very important. For me, after a long days work, that is just what I was in need of. With Kristine's guided mediatation I experience this every time."


"I have been attending Kristine's meditation class for over a year. It is the highlight of my week. Her meditations are guided meditations and she takes me to places in my mind that I could not get to otherwise. Her voice is magic!"