NEW! 10 week virtual program that RELIEVES STRESS and brings BALANCE into your life!

Programs and Services

Joyful, Healthy, Balanced Living Program


For busy professional women who want to create balance into their daily lives, stay healthy, and enjoy life to the fullest but don’t know where to begin here’s the program for you!!

In 10 short weeks you can:

Get your life back!

Have more energy to do what you love to do!


You will:

1.  Be able to attend the program from anywhere because it’s virtual.  

2.  Have combined knowledge and lifestyle changing skills from a Certified Nutrition Consultant AND Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach who’s combined experience spans over 30 years.

3.  Be given life changing tools and guidance that fit your unique situation.


5 Modules with supporting materials

1.  Self Care – The importance of self-care to reduce stress and bring balance to your body and mind.

2.  Healthy Habits – How to incorporate healthy habits for better health and energy.

3.  Nutrition – Eating simply and what foods are best for your unique lifestyle.

4.  Mindful Eating and Supplements – Where, how, when and why you eat. Also, why and which supplements may help support and replenish you.

5.  Detoxification – How to identify if your body is toxic and what you can do about it.

Plus 5 Group Sessions – Held bi-weekly (alternating weeks from the modules) through a video conference call. Here you can voice any questions or challenges you are facing and get support from our experts and others in the group.

This program will transform your life for a small investment of only $795.

 Next program starts on Tuesday 5/28/17. Space is limited. Sign up by 5/21/19 and get $95 off!

Customized Nutrition Consultations


Tired of not getting answers from your doctors?

My primary focus is on natural, safe and non-invasive alternatives to obtain optimal health for the whole body. Together we will develop nutritional therapies to restore natural balance and wellness.


Session will include:

  • A full medical history where I listen to your story
  • A food diary and meal plan that fits your lifestyle and what foods you currently enjoy
  • And a comprehensive plan to start you on your way to vibrant health

You will always be given guidance and followed up to ensure that you are making progress and achieving the goals you have set to attain.

Initial Consultations- $300 for a personalized one month program.

3 to 6 month packages and specialized testing also available upon request.

Meal planning to fit your particular health and nutrition goals.

Testing Available


1. Stool / Parasitology Profile - An innovative stool test measuring biomarkers of gastrointestinal function, providing valuable clinical insight into digestive performance, gut inflammation, and your gut microbiome.


2. Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) - This at home breath test will analyze the possibility of an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine. Increased bloating, gas, and

 indigestion are possible signs of SIBO.

3. Adrenal Function - A salivary hormone test that evaluates the key stress hormones, cortisol and DHEA. The adrenals are affected by any stress physical or emotional, whether inside the body or outside causing fatigue, sleeplessness and/or weight gain..

4. Food Allergies / Sensitivities - A simple blood test which helps identify those clients with true allergies as well as sensitivities. This test measures antibody levels to foods, spices, molds, food additives, and regional inhalants and is ideal for clients who may suffer from fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, weight gain/loss, insomnia and even behavior disorders in children.

5. Neurotransmitters - A urine test that measures the primary neurotransmitters or messengers for your nervous system. These messengers coordinate everything from your stress response to general organ function to emotion and cognitive function. Imbalances can disrupt normal nervous and immune function.

  6. Micronutrient / Mineral Analysis - Performed by hair or blood, this test evaluates your nutritional status at the cellular and metabolic level. By analyzing vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants this test is quite useful in designing a customized supplement program eliminating the guesswork out of what your individual body actually needs.

Testing may be covered by most insurances!!



Join me as we discover:


1.  Eat Simply

2.  Support and Replenish

3.  Move Your Body

4.  Relax Into Life

5.  Sleep Peacefully

6.  Laugh Often

7.  Release and Repair

8.  Variety in All Things

9.  Gratitude

10.  Live with Intention

These powerful workshops will empower you to know your body and what it needs to keep you healthy, energetic, and more joyful in this crazy world.

Join me in September and together we will increase the longevity and  quality of your life!!